OES Genuine Flex Plate Bolt & Accessories

When you need to replace the stock bolts on your ride's flex plate, you would do well to get an OES Genuine Flex Plate Bolt. The flex plate needs to be fastened to the crankshaft properly because your torque converter attaches to it, and that's where a big part of your ride's automatic transmission performance depends.

Whether you're out to replace the bolts on your flex plate outright or if you need to swap out the flex plate itself, you'll need top-quality replacement bolts to ensure superb fastening. A set of OES Genuine Flex Plate Bolt replacements will surely take care of that. In order to pass strict industry standards, the manufacturer makes use of tough materials and premium-grade machinery to produce the finest replacement parts possible. This allows for precise fit and total functionality, and you can count on each bolt to stay in service for a long, long time. This way, you won't have to get new flex plate bolts so soon after you've installed these OES Genuine variants. In addition, the OE-style fit and form allow for easy installation. Just remember to apply the proper amount of torque when you re-mount the flex plate onto the crank. If you're not sure about the torque, consult your ride's manual. Once the new flex plate bolts have been bolted in, you can expect efficient automatic transmission performance once again.

Quality and reliability are both guaranteed any time you get your hands on an OES Genuine product, just like this OES Genuine Flex Plate Bolt. Part of that guarantee takes the form of the warranty that this component is bundled with-you can send it back if you see premature damage or substandard quality and get a fresh replacement. The warranty is good for 12,000 miles or 12 months. This warranty is your ticket to peace of mind and security, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your flex plate won't suddenly detach because the bolts are doing their job right.

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