OES Genuine Flasher Relay & Accessories

If one of your car's turn signal lights isn't blinking at all, then you probably need a replacement OES Genuine flasher relay. Your car's signal lights rely on a flasher relay to function properly, since this component controls the electricity that flows into each of the signal bulbs. When this part breaks, the bulb won't light up at all. Just imagine what would happen if you have to make a turn but you can't properly inform the driver behind you because your turn signal light's relay is busted. If you don't want to get on the bad side of your fellow drivers, be responsible enough to fix a busted signal light relay as soon as possible.

The flasher relay is basically a square plug that connects each light bulb to your car's electrical system. Every time you switch on the turn signal lights, the relay transmits just the right volt to light up the corresponding bulb. If this part breaks down, your turn signal lights won't blink at all. And if you drive around with a busted turn signal light, it's possible to get in trouble with the cops since many states have strict regulations regarding the proper use of signal lights. You'll also putting yourself at risk because a malfunctioning turn signal light due to a busted relay means you won't be able to properly inform other drivers that you're about to make a turn. So to be always safe when on the road, regularly check your car's signal light assembly, especially the relay, for signs of damage or wear and tear. The flasher relay is made of a durable material but overtime, its metal parts can corrode, and its plastic components can crack. When it's starting to show signs of old age, better replace it right away with an OES Genuine flasher relay.

When you're shopping for a replacement, keep one brand in mind: OES Genuine. This manufacturer has been making dependable OE parts for years, and is trusted by plenty of buyers looking for a good deal. Its products, just like its flasher relay, is built using only high-grade materials that have been tested to make sure they exceed industry standards. As a matter of fact OES Genuine parts offer better and longer lasting performance when compared to stock parts. If you want your turn signal light to last for years, equip it only with an OES Genuine flasher relay.

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