OES Genuine Flame Trap Coupler & Accessories

The flame trap serves a very important function in your vehicle, so once its coupler fails, you should install an OES Genuine Flame Trap Coupler in its place. The flame trap is often neglected by drivers because it is typically tricky to access and service. The part is in many ways the same as a PCV valve on some vehicles and is mainly responsible for reducing exhaust emissions. It redirects pressurized gases from the crankcase into the intake system where these are combusted together with normal fuel, resulting in efficient emissions. It is called a “flame trap” since it can also prevent vapors in the pan from igniting in case the intake backfires. An important part of the flame trap assembly is the coupler that typically connects it to the engine.

Like other components in your vehicle, the flame trap coupler deteriorates over time because of age and wear. Once it cracks, noxious vapors could escape the flame trap and enter your cabin. For this reason, you must check your flame trap coupler immediately the moment you catch a whiff of exhaust fumes in the passenger compartment. Other performance problems could result from a bad flame trap coupler, such as poor idling. Good thing you can always replace your busted factory coupler with an OES Genuine Flame Trap Coupler. Once this high-quality part is installed in your system, your vehicle will be able to run more safely and efficiently. Forget about trying to reseal the busted coupler because that will never work.

Since replacing the coupler can be very challenging, you should make sure that you're not going to replace the part again for a long time. For that, you need an OES Genuine Flame Trap Coupler made of highly durable materials that will resist the adverse elements in your exhaust system for years. Don't worry about the fit of this top-notch coupler as it's designed and fabricated using advanced, computerized technologies. It also conforms to industry standards, ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Before proceeding with any replacement procedure, review your vehicle's manual. You should also replace the flame trap itself as this component is notorious for getting severely clogged after some time.

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