OES Genuine Flame Trap & Accessories

An OES Genuine flame trap is a very critical part of your vehicle's exhaust gas recirculation system. You see, cars need to have EGRs to have unburned fuel re-introduced to the car's intake manifold from the exhaust manifold to help heat-up the air-fuel mixture to achieve more potent combustion of vehicle providing better over-all performance. The flame trap is a part of the vehicle's EGR that prevents flames from re circulated, exhaust gases to detonate the colder, This part is fairly durable so it really get broken a lot. In fact, it is one of the longest lasting parts in the flame trap. But when this fails though, removing and replacing this with a new flame trap needs a ton load of effort in performing its job.

Being a very critical part of the engine's EGR, the flame trap like this OES Genuine flame trap needs to perform at its best to make sure that the engine burns every drop of fuel better. This also helps you in maximizing its full potential. Keeping the flame trap working is important and you could do just that by regularly checking up and cleaning that flame trap. However, through daily use, the flame trap can get dirty or worst, breakdown. This don't only affect the vehicle's performance, it also ensures that safety when driving your vehicle. When this happens, make sure you go and get yourself that replacement flame trap for your vehicle.

This replacement is designed by its engineers to match your vehicle's specification, ensuring that the product works perfectly for your ride. Made of the highest-quality materials, this OES Genuine flame trap is built well to endure the beating that daily driving can give it. This special product also fits your vehicle very well so installation is a breeze and there is no need for modifications just to have it fit the vehicle. While there are affordable alternative products available, some of them may not be durable enough for the challenges of daily driving making them not fit for installation on your vehicle. These products are poorly-made and use substandard materials that break down easily making you replace them more frequently. Your vehicle deserves nothing but the best products so don't settle for anything less. When looking for that flame trap replacement, make sure you choose only an OES Genuine flame trap for your ride.

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