OES Genuine Fan Clutch & Accessories

If you have a mechanically operated fan in your vehicle's cooling system, you'll get extra advantage if you use an OES Genuine fan clutch to operate the said fan. Unlike the newer electric cooling fans, mechanical fans get their power directly from the engine-through the fan clutch. The fan clutch is driven by a belt, and it is the part that controls the spinning of the fan to blow air towards the radiator. There is a set temperature rating in the clutch, and it is this temperature that is the basis of the clutch's operation. Whenever the engine temperature gets too high and exceeds that set rating, the clutch automatically turns the fan on so that it can spin and provide necessary cooling. Aside from the cooling system, the fan also works with the AC assembly as it cools the AC condenser.

The use of the mechanical fan and of the OES Genuine fan clutch is advantageous because of several reasons. For one, a mechanical fan operates more quietly, so you don't have to put up with extra noise and you can have your peace and quiet while driving. Another reason is the fact that it saves more engine power. Because of the set temp rating in the clutch, it will only allow the fan to spin when the engine temperature climbs up-not all the time while the engine is at work. Therefore, you don't waste engine power when it is not needed.

The fan clutch is a critical component in the cooling system. And why not, a simple damage on the part could lead to serious engine overheating and possible engine failure. So, it is only advantageous to use a clutch that is as high in quality as the OES Genuine fan clutch. And, it is also important that you familiarize yourself with the different symptoms of clutch damage so that you can address any problem as soon as it occurs and be able to prevent more serious trouble. One of the first symptoms of clutch damage is poor output from the AC system. At other times, you will notice rattles and vibrations, coupled with noise, coming from the fan area, and this is another indication of problem. Be sure to carefully inspect the clutch and to get a new OES Genuine fan clutch if you find it damaged.

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