OES Genuine Fan Blade & Accessories

The OES Genuine fan blade can make a great difference between a properly cooled engine and an overheated one. Yes, this may be just one part of your vehicle's entire fan assembly, but it's the component that does the actual spinning to provide air towards wherever air is needed. This is especially crucial when it comes to the radiator fan, the fan responsible for cooling the coolant that collects heat from the engine. Even with just a single blade broken from the entire fan blade unit, this can already significantly reduce the cooling provided by the fan. And, insufficient cooling can lead to many other troubles. That said, you have to keep the blade in good shape and replace it when damaged.

Generally, your OES Genuine fan blade works with many other components in the fan assembly. If you have the traditional clutch-operated type of fan, the spinning of the blade is controlled by a clutch, depending on the temperature of the engine. Meanwhile, if you have the electric type of fan in your car, the blade works with the fan motor instead. But whether you have the traditional type or the electric type, your fan blade is always encased in a fan shroud to protect it from damaging elements like rocks.

When your fan blade gets damaged, you need to find a replacement at once. But since there are lots of options available, there are some things that you have to keep in mind when buying. First, pick the OES Genuine fan blade that matches the specs of your stock part to ensure that it will work well with the rest of the fan components. Second, consider the materials. You'll find steel, aluminum, and even plastic blades, each with its own advantage. While steel and aluminum materials may be tougher and less susceptible to damage, you may prefer the lightweight characteristic of plastic. Third, check the number of the blades of your stock fan unit because this often varies, ranging from four to as many as ten. Fourth, carefully look into the design because this usually has an effect on the amount of air that the blades are able to move. And fifth, get a blade with an appealing design to perk up your engine compartment. While the radiator fan is not often seen because of its location, you may still want to choose an OES Genuine fan blade with lively colors for enhanced look.

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