OES Genuine Expansion Tank Plug Kit & Accessories

With a new OES Genuine expansion tank plug kit at hand, keeping your vehicle's cooling system working like pro will be a piece of cake. The cooling system is vital to your ride's performance as it allows your vehicle to warm up properly before stabilizing its temperature. The cooling system also prevents a very common and troublesome auto problem from occurring: having an overheated engine. As your engine produces high temperatures, you run the risk of engine overheating, which would force you to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road. An overheated engine can be tons of trouble, but you can easily avoid having one using an OES Genuine expansion tank plug kit.

One of the many parts of your ride's cooling system is the expansion tank, which is a small tank that retains the coolant that's released by the radiator in a reservoir. As you drive and as the temperature of your coolant increases, so does the pressure in the cooling system. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the radiator cap allows the pressure to escape into a reservoir which is connected to the expansion tank. The coolant sitting in the expansion tank is then returned to the radiator when the engine temperature goes back down. Without an expansion tank, your coolant would spill out under your vehicle, which would mean less coolant and a greater chance of having an overheating engine. Having an expansion tank plug aiding in the circulation of coolant in and out of the tank is key to guaranteeing smooth cooling system operation. If you find yourself constantly refilling your coolant, then it's more likely that you have a coolant leak in one of your cooling system components. In the event that your stock expansion tank plug is cracked or worn out, then it's best that you have it replaced using a brand new OES Genuine expansion tank plug kit. Doing so will ensure that no coolant is wasted and that your ride doesn't overheat when you need it the most.

An OES Genuine expansion tank plug kit is composed with some of the most reliable materials around, providing you with a high-quality and long-lasting service life. OES Genuine plugs come with OEM specs and are sure to fit your ride's expansion tank properly. You may find this item online, and ordering one from Parts Train would be the best way to get one.

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