OES Genuine Expansion Tank Hose & Accessories

Coolant leaks atop your engine or at the right side fender well area is definitely a problem caused by wear or tear on the original equipment heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) expansion tank hose of your vehicle; thus, can only be corrected using the OES Genuine expansion tank hose. This replacement unit is accurately designed to match and even surpass the standards of your old, gone bad part. It will take on the task of collecting and draining away hot coolant from the expansion tank cap whenever there is excess pressure in the reservoir. Intended for easy installation, the OES Genuine expansion tank hose will come complete with the necessary fittings and mounting accessories on both ends. Properly installed, this part will endure extreme conditions longer than the typical 12,000-mile warranty life.

There will be an OES Genuine expansion tank hose replacement for every make and model, which guarantees full restoration of the original part's functions not only to the cooling system but also to the engine system. Worn and neglected expansion tank hose will allow hot coolant to dribble down the engine, eventually damaging its working parts. Logically, these leaks will cause fast coolant displacement in the reservoir which will greatly affect the effective cooling of the engine and thereby subjecting it to overheat. Also, though not as damaging to the system, coolant dripping from the wheel wells is an eyesore; as well as the black circlet remains where the vehicle was parked.

Installing a new OES Genuine expansion tank hose is not at all difficult since it comes as a complete restoration kit. The product is already equipped with fittings on both ends so there is no need to re-use the old ones from the gone-bad original part. One of its ends will go to the thermometer housing, which is generally at the front area of the engine cylinder, and the other to the expansion tank. This location subjects this cooling line to extreme temperature, which is why a reliable replacement from OES Genuine is required to take the place of the vehicle's factory part. It will also require appropriate torque, which will be included in the installation guide or manual, so as not to distort and damage the new hose right at the installation process.

The OES Genuine expansion tank hose is made from high-grade materials, which will guarantee its strength against extreme thermal conditions and thus service life. OES Genuine production personnel make use of ISO-certified facilities to meet basic requirements and uniformity of products. In-car extreme tests are also run to each expansion tank hose so every consumer will get the worth of their hard-earned money. And for even better results on this restoration, get your OES Genuine replacement unit only from Parts Train. All products in the site are authentic and are priced lowest in the trade. Also, if you post the order now, you might even get lucky and enjoy additional deals and discount. Why wait? Complete the order now and provide accurate shipping information!