OES Genuine Expansion Tank & Accessories

Compatible with most makes and models and sold at a really good price, a fully functional OES Genuine expansion tank installed on your vehicle allows you to easily avoid the hassle of an overheated engine. The main function of this unit is already stated on its name, it can be considered as an expansion of the coolant reservoir because it acts as a space to hold this substance once it is forced out of a radiator that is working under pressure. Thanks to this component, your cooling system absorbs heat faster simply by the elimination of the bubble formation within. You can avoid unwanted damage on the internal combustion engine and prevent coolant leaks within the system which could cause added pressure on the fully operating engine when you get an OES Genuine expansion tank.

Your vehicle lives on heat converted into power produced in the internal combustion engine, however too much heat can do just the opposite. That is why it needs its OES Genuine expansion tank. As your car runs on the streets, the coolant temperature increases in order to help keep the heat released by your engine at bay. Once the cooling system reaches a certain pressure level, the radiator cap sends the excess coolant into the reservoir through the overflow tube and ends up in the expansion tank. It is therefore important to get a reliable replacement, like this OES Genuine expansion tank to ensure that the coolant stays in the tank instead of being spilt on the road. This helps prevent the shortage of coolant in the radiator which can hinder its proper performance.

Regular maintenance and check up of your vehicle should include the inspection for a broken expansion tank to avoid overheating. Some problems which may be caused by the broken expansion tank include failure of the engine fan to turn on, a poor engine thermostat, and production of air in the radiator with a full expansion reservoir. Without an engine fan, the right amount of air will not pass through the immobile radiator and usually causes the vehicle's early failure. This also leads to a poor engine thermostat which is commonly overheating. On the other hand, a bad seal between the radiator cap and the expansion tank can hinder the passage of the right coolant amounts and this leads to having air in the rad and decrease of pressure inside it.

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