OES Genuine Exhaust Seal Ring & Accessories

Without a properly installed OES Genuine exhaust seal ring, you may as well say goodbye to your awesome ride experience and high vehicle performance. Made of tough metal, this seal ring is necessary to dampen the noises created by the exhaust. The exhaust is the exit point of the harmful and unnecessary gases produced during combustion. It helps move toxic gases away from the engine and from the ventilation system which is used by the passengers of the automobile. In spite of its important use, however, the exhaust, when operating with the engine, can get really noisy at times. This is why it needs a reliable OES Genuine exhaust seal ring to ensure that its loud growls, deafening roars, and irritating groans would be minimized.

But more than its purpose of muffling unwanted noises, this ring is part of a great system which needs to make sure that every component within it is intact. This unit may seem small, but it connects two indispensable components, the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases to ensure it passes through a single pipe. It must be tightly sealed to ensure that the cylinder head won't experience overheating. The OES Genuine exhaust seal ring prevents the escape of heated gases which could contribute to the pressure placed on the cylinder head and may cause irreparable damage to the engine. Overheating decreases the lifespan of the vehicle and also causes engine misfire and difficulty in ignition.

Investing on an affordable but high-class ring is a great way to preserve the ride's full performance and lengthen the auto's lifespan, and ensure full engine and exhaust functionality at all times. It keeps unwanted leaks which can stop your auto from reaching its peak level of performance. Replacing your old seal ring can be challenging, but it can be a good project for moderately experienced DIYers. Should you decide to choose metal products, some auto experts advise to use annealed rings instead of immediately attaching the new one. These are units that have been heated using propane or torch and then left again to cool. According to them, if your chosen replacement such as this OES Genuine exhaust seal ring has been annealed, it provides a tighter seal around the edges of the exhaust port, providing longer service lifespan than other rings.

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