OES Genuine Exhaust Nut & Accessories

That loose nut in your exhaust is bound to cause some major problems on the highway, so replace it with an OES Genuine Exhaust Nut immediately. The nut may be tiny but it plays a large role in the proper operation of your vehicle's exhaust system. It's typically used in a flange and goes with a bolt to hold pipes together. Like all parts of your vehicle, the nut suffers from corrosion over time until it develops several cracks. You'll have plenty of problems once the nut completely breaks apart as your exhaust emissions may leak and find their way into your cabin.

You must quickly check your exhaust nut once you hear any strange noises, like popping or knocking sounds, from your vehicle's exhaust system. If you haven't replaced the nut before, there's a good chance that it's already worn-out and loose. You should take a closer look at the nut and see if there are tiny cracks on the surface. In this case, there's no way to make the nut hold perfectly again, so you have to get rid of it. Once the bad nut is completely removed, install an OES Genuine Exhaust Nut in its place. Check your ride's manual regarding the appropriate torque for the specific exhaust nut you're changing. Some drivers apply more torque than what's recommended just to make sure the exhaust system is completely sealed. You may consult a pro mechanic regarding this option if you want to try it on your exhaust system.

Nuts and bolts are the building blocks of your vehicle, so you should see to it that you install highly durable replacements for these components. The OES Genuine Exhaust Nut is an excellent replacement part because it's made of high-strength materials that will effectively resist the corrosive substances in your exhaust system for years. Its fit is perfect since OE specs are meticulously observed throughout its fabrication process. Unlike run-of-the-mill aftermarket nuts, this heavy-duty nut meets or exceeds industry standards, ensuring customer satisfaction. As long as you have the right wrench, you can securely put this nut in place in a jiffy. It's also best to replace bolts and other connecting components to make sure your exhaust is thoroughly sealed.

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