OES Genuine Exhaust Manifold Gasket & Accessories

The gasket that seals the exhaust manifold to the engine block works in an environment that can get too hot so when it gets damaged, make sure to replace it with no other than OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket. This is an original equipment supplied part so you are assured that it is built to meet or exceed ISO standards for quality. You see, the exhaust manifold gasket plays an important role in your vehicle's engine and exhaust system so you must never replace it with low-cost yet inferior products, which will eventually cost you much in the long run.

Just how important your exhaust manifold gasket is that it shouldn't be substituted with a substandard unit? Well, it prevents exhaust gases from leaking out of your engine, before it can get into the manifold. If it is blown, the byproducts of combustion won't be vented out properly and this can affect the vehicle's performance. Replacing your factory-installed gasket is a challenging job but using an OES product like the OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket makes the task a bit easier because it fits well in place of the stock so you can install it properly without a need for modification.

But how will you know if you've got a blown exhaust manifold gasket in your ride? First, conduct a visual inspection. If the gasket is blown, it will stick out from the gap between the cylinder head and the manifold. Second, pay attention to the sound produced by the engine. If you notice a loud bang or a popping noise that's immediately followed by a hissing sound, then it's time for you to get an OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket and have your blown unit replaced the earliest possible time. Another sign that the exhaust manifold gasket has now seen better days is the strong odor coming from the engine. If you are planning to replace this gasket all by yourself, make sure you've got all the equipment that will help you perform the job well. Among them are sealant, wire brush, razor blade, socket wrench, socket set, rag, and of course, your replacement OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket. Before you start with the task, ensure that the engine has completely cooled down. One more tip is to clean the mating surfaces well, ensuring that there's no rubber material left. This will allow the sealant to work well and makes it easy for you to fit in the gasket properly.

Good news, finding the right exhaust manifold gasket for your vehicle is now as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is to browse our online catalog, look for the OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket that's specially crafted for your ride, and place your order. Yes, it's as easy as that. If you don't want to go through the entire ordering process, call us toll-free. We have friendly sale associates, always willing to help you out. You won't go wrong in shopping here because every OES Genuine product you'll find in this site ensures superior quality at a price you can afford. So you sure wouldn't ask for more.