OES Genuine Exhaust Clamp & Accessories

A good exhaust system ensures that fumes are immediately discharged out of the vehicle system via its heavy-duty pipes that a number of OES Genuine exhaust clamp secures in place. This mounting component comes in a U shape design with saddle, U bolts, and hex nuts. When assembled over a pipe, this clamp will force the part down until completely seated. This function to keep the pipes from the pull of gravity helps the exhaust system complete its primary function, which eventually result in eliminating backpressure or the need for the engine to push exhaust out of the cylinder and waste precious horsepower. Indirectly then, the functions of an exhaust clamp aims to ensure a more efficient engine operation and improved fuel economy in your vehicle. Heavy-duty functions like these can only be taken care of durable components like the OES Genuine exhaust clamp.

In your own automobile, you'll have a pair or more exhaust clamps on top of the exhaust hangers holding the catalytic converter and muffler to their respective positions under the vehicle. This will basically depend on the style of your exhaust system and the configuration of its pipes. Doing the same function, both the clamp and the hanger reinforce one another. That way, you can drive without worrying about falling exhaust system part/s from under your vehicle even when driving over extremely irregular roads. Also, this will guarantee your safety on the road and everyone else in the same area. And since you'll be using the OES Genuine exhaust clamp, you can rest assured that it will last longer than the factory component.

You'll know if you already need to replace the mounting parts of your exhaust system, including the exhaust clamp, if the bolts and their threads are loose. Corrosion on the saddle is also another symptom of wear. At the first sign, get replacements in place. Doing this will prevent further damage and surprise automobile problems when already out on the road. But if there's audible clanking noise under the vehicle, this only means that the pipes are already at stake and probably the catalytic and/or muffler of the vehicle. If this is what's happening in your automobile, you can no longer hit the road until your get the OES Genuine exhaust clamp in place of the worn part.

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