OES Genuine Exh Manifold Gasket Set & Accessories

With an OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket set, you're guaranteed to enjoy cleaner breathing air and a vehicle that's performing at its peak. Your ride is capable of tremendous horsepower and speed but it also produces plenty of exhaust fumes that must be managed and disposed of properly. The job of handling such fumes falls on your exhaust system. This system consists of numerous components, which all work to keep exhaust gases from harming your health, your vehicle, and the environment. Part of doing so includes the use of your exhaust manifold, which would become more than capable with a high-quality OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket set hooked up to it.

The exhaust manifold is a system that keeps exhaust gases away from your engine, keeping its components from being damaged. This system collects and manages these gases and must be in tip-top shape in order to do its job. If it has any leaks whatsoever, that could mean bad news for vehicle passengers who could inhale such hazardous fumes. The manifold consists of a series of pipes that connects to cylinders which funnels these fumes through a single large pipe and the exhaust pipe. A gasket set is used to seal these cylinders tightly and bolt shut the manifold and engine block, preventing the exhaust fumes from leaking out. Unfortunately, gasket damage may occur due to the repeated expanding and contracting of the heated metal, leaving the seal broken, and allowing the exhaust fumes to escape. When this happens, you must have the gaskets replaced at once using a new OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket set. Symptoms of a leaking manifold gasket can sometimes be hard to spot, but some few tell-tale signs of damage include the smell of exhaust in the vehicle and an increase in exhaust noise. A leaking manifold can be very dangerous to your health and to the environment and could significantly affect you vehicle's performance. With a solid new OES Genuine exhaust manifold gasket set, however, you'll be able to manage your exhaust system perfectly and even improve your ride's fuel efficiency.

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