OES Genuine Engine Torque Rod & Accessories

Enjoy maximum torque and performance from your vehicle when you purchase this OES Genuine engine torque rod today. Installing a torque rod improves any automobile because of its special design that is capable of providing a higher level of structural integrity and comfort in speed, which is important for both trucks and racing cars. But even if you are not a speed-hungry racer or a trucker who uses his ride for carrying heavy loads, investing on a top-notch torque rod for your ride is still necessary to enjoy steady vehicle handling and greater fuel mileage. Aside from securing the transmission and the engine assembly, it also helps dampen engine vibrations, making traveling easier and more comfortable.

An important part of the engine, a unit like this OES Genuine engine torque rod helps in the process of converting heat into mechanical motion. It helps produce greater amount of rotational motion, creating greater horsepower for the engine. The component is wedged within the engine space to discourage misshape or warping while delivering higher torque levels. Commonly measured by its length, various rods are available depending on the engine specs. You can get OE replacements which have customized vehicle fit to ensure it matches the specs of your make and model. Some clients also check out the features of the rods before purchasing; some rods are specifically designed for aftermarket upgrades and are used by performance enthusiasts. This OES Genuine engine torque rod, however, caters to both enthusiasts and owners looking to get OE replacements.

Another thing you have to check when purchasing the torque rod is its set of bushings. The quality of these bushings matter if you want your rod to last for a long time; the bushings take most of the pressure from external forces so if the item has a weak set, it is likely that the product will also fail right away. For maximum durability, you may want to check out threaded torque rods which are designed to be more rigid than other types. Other auto experts also take note of the materials used in designing the replacement. Some use stainless steel, while others use aero-grade metals. One example of a high-quality product is this OES Genuine engine torque rod which has been crafted using high-class materials.

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