OES Genuine Engine Oil Galley Plug & Accessories

Keeping your engine free from leaks is very important in ensuring the steady performance of your vehicle, and you can do this easily using an OES Genuine oil galley plug. Your engine is one of the most vital parts of your ride and it requires a proper amount of engine oil to help it operation correctly. Motor oil lubricates, protects, cleans, cools, and even restores engine performance. Keeping it from leaking out of your engine using an OES Genuine oil galley plug is a smart way of preserving oil and guaranteeing that your vehicle runs smoothly for a very long time.

The oil galley is a series of small holes that affix the oil pump to the crankshaft bearings, cam bearings, main bearings, and hydraulic valve filters. Motor oil is constantly passing through these components providing the smooth operation of your vehicle. Any leaks from the oil galley will waste oil and take their toll on your vehicle and its performance. Oil galley plugs are provided to ensure that the holes of the oil galley are sealed properly, allowing zero oil to escape. Though your stock plugs expand according to the temperature they are faced with, they too can wear out or crack. When this happens, it's best that you have a leaking plug replaced using a brand new OES Genuine oil galley plug. This item is guaranteed to keep your oil galley sealed shut and your oil coursing through your ride without any setbacks. Lucky for you, replacing old oil galley plugs with new ones is relatively easy and won't take up much of your time.

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