OES Genuine Engine Mount Bolt & Accessories

The nonstop clanking under your hood is probably the engine moving loosely as you haven't yet installed a new OES Genuine Engine Mount Bolt. Without an engine mount bolt securely in place, the engine might hit nearby components and produce annoying noises while you're driving. While some engines don't move that much even when one or two bolts are missing, it's still dangerous to drive with missing or corroded bolts. Since you can't see what's happening under the hood, you won't know if your engine is still ok or if it's already sustaining massive damage due to repeated impact against surrounding hardware.

Missing engine mount bolts are a common problem among drivers, especially those who have old vehicles. Like all components, the bolts could get very loose over time ‘til they can no longer hold the engine in place. You may even be surprised to find yours all gone one day. It's extremely important to replace these bolts as soon as they show signs of damage or wear ‘cause you may have a hard time removing them once they're already covered in rust. If you can't easily remove your corroded bolts, try applying lubricant to loosen them up. If that doesn't work, try using an impact tool and gently tap away until the bolts slide out. Be careful though as an old bolt might break during removal. Should this happen, it's probably best to have a pro mechanic help you fish the broken pieces out. To avoid all these troubles, replace your busted bolt with a new OES Genuine Engine Mount Bolt as soon as possible.

You'll find all sorts of engine mount bolts in the market but few of them can be compared with the OES Genuine Engine Mount Bolt. This top-quality bolt is fabricated from highly durable materials, so it will resist corrosion and damage for a very long time. You don't need to worry about its fit ‘cause its specs are basically the same as its OE counterpart. Once it's set up, your engine won't budge at all regardless how bumpy the ride gets. Don't forget to review the torque for your engine mount bolts before you proceed with the installation though. Bolts could snap when they are drilled too tight, so make sure you apply the suggested torque for each bolt. Ask an expert if you're not sure how much torque is required for your bolts just to be on the safe side.

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