OES Genuine Engine Harmonic Balancer & Accessories

If your engine is producing a lot more vibrations than before, it's probably time to install a new OES Genuine Engine Harmonic Balancer. Some drivers tend to neglect the harmonic balancer but it's actually an essential component of any vehicle. The balancer typically comes in the form of a steel cylinder with an internal rubber sleeve. Its primary purpose is to reduce vibrations in the crankshaft and engine, so the combustion process can go smoothly and parts are adequately protected from the violent motions in the engine. It's easy to mistake the symptoms of harmonic balancer failure with other technical problems, so you have to take a close look at your existing balancer. Replace it immediately once you confirm that it's damaged to avoid ruining other components.

Expect your automobile to generate a lot of noise once it old harmonic balancer goes bad. Without a good balancer, there will be excessive vibration in the engine block and you should hear the noise grow louder as you accelerate. Vibrations can get so bad that leaks could gradually develop in seals while several of the vehicle's components malfunction, such as the water pump and alternator. It's possible for the drive belt to sustain some damage or slip, resulting in poor mileage, backfiring and misfiring. You may also have hard a time starting your vehicle due to erratic ignition timing. All these are very dangerous symptoms on the road, so you really have to replace your busted balancer as soon as possible. To be on the safe side, use a high-quality OES Genuine Engine Harmonic Balancer as replacement for your busted unit.

There are suspect dealers out there that offer run-of-the-mill harmonic balancers but never make the mistake of buying these poorly fabricated parts. It's also dangerous to use secondhand components as these are bound to fail soon after they're installed. If you want a balancer that will last years without giving you any problem, choose a top-notch OES Genuine Engine Harmonic Balancer for your replacement unit. This excellent balancer is made of tough materials that will resist the extreme temperatures and forces under the hood for a very long time. Installing the part should be easy since its specs are practically the same as its OE counterpart. Don't forget to review your ride's manual before setting up the new harmonic balancer, so you won't make a costly mistake. If you're unsure about installing the part, you can always hire a pro mechanic.

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