OES Genuine Engine Cover Gasket & Accessories

You'll keep on losing significant amounts of oil until you install an OES Genuine Engine Cover Gasket in your ride. Engine cover gasket leak is a pretty common problem among drivers. As the gasket begins to leak, you'll notice your mileage dropping. You should also see the fluid leaking along the sides of the engine cover. If you don't replace the bad gasket quickly, your vehicle may overheat frequently as your engine's parts need oil for lubrication. Depending on your vehicle, you may have to remove different components and assemblies before accessing the leaky gasket. In some models, it may be necessary to take out the tranny and the engine itself first before uninstalling the bad engine cover gasket.

All gaskets lose their sealing properties over time and the engine cover gasket is no different. Do not make the mistake of applying sealant on the busted gasket as it won't solve the problem. Installing a run-of-the-mill or secondhand gasket from the junkyard also won't work as these parts will only quickly deteriorate in a short period of time. If your existing engine cover gasket leaks and shows signs of damage or wear such as tiny cracks and openings, you must discard it immediately. The only wise option to stop the leak is to install an all-new, high-quality replacement part such as the OES Genuine Engine Cover Gasket. Ignore the worsening leak and you may soon have more broken parts to repair or replace.

Leaks are among the most frustrating technical problems a driver can encounter. They're costly, hard to trace and tricky to resolve, especially if you don't have enough DIY experience. To make sure you won't have the same kind of leak on your engine gasket for a long time, invest in a high-quality OES Genuine Engine Cover Gasket. Once this top-notch gasket is installed, that nasty leak will stop for good. This gasket is made of highly durable materials, so it will resist the tremendous temperatures and pressures in your vehicle for years. Computer-aided technologies are used during its design, manufacturing and testing processes to ensure the part complies with all industry standards of safety and quality. Don't forget to check your vehicle's manual before setting up this gasket just to make sure you're doing everything correctly.

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