OES Genuine Engine Case Stud & Accessories

The OES Genuine Engine Case Stud is the perfect replacement part for that old stud that just broke in your engine case. As you know, the studs in the engine case are very important as they hold the pieces of the case together. More importantly, these studs prevent leak in the assembly, so you must immediately replace any stud that snaps or you'll have a nasty leak that'll drain your oil. If the studs in your engine case are old, there's a good chance the part already leaks. If the leak is large enough, you'll lose plenty of oil, resulting in various performance problems and probably more damaged components. A broken stud is affordable enough to replace but other components may cost a lot more to change or repair once they get damaged.

Don't worry if you accidentally broke a stud yourself while you're working on the engine case ‘cause you're not the first driver to have done so. The studs can easily break especially if they've been in the case for years and are already corroded. The problem is that broken pieces of the stud could be very difficult to extract. If you have this problem, you may use a specialized stud extraction tool to make the job easier. You may also send the engine case to an auto repair shop where professionals can take out the broken stud for you. Once the old stud is completely removed, install a new OES Genuine Engine Case Stud in its place. Don't even think about repairing old studs because that won't ever work.

You just can't rely on average replacement studs as these will surely fail much sooner than you expect. If you don't want to deal with nasty leaks and other technical problems in the future, you must invest in a top-notch OES Genuine Engine Case Stud right away. This heavy-duty stud is fabricated from hardwearing materials that can effectively resist fatigue and stretch for years. The stud provides superior clamping force than run-of-the-mill studs, so you're completely sure that your engine case is sufficiently tight. Once this stud is securely in place, you won't have any problems with it for a long time. Consult your vehicle's manual before setting up new studs to get the results you want.

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