OES Genuine EGR Valve Position Sensor & Accessories

If you've failed that emissions test twice or thrice now, you should really get yourself an OES Genuine EGR Valve Position Sensor. A lot of things can go wrong in your EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation system if its parts are quite old. If the valve position sensor malfunctions, too much or too little exhaust gas could go back into the engine, resulting in a host of performance issues. You may notice your fuel mileage plummeting while idling and starting the vehicle becomes problematic. The engine might also hesitate and acceleration could get erratic. All of these are very dangerous on the road, so you must replace your busted sensor immediately.

The EGR valve position sensor, also known as the “EVP sensor,” is responsible for monitoring the EGR valve pintle's position. The sensor translates the pintle's mechanical motion into an electric signal which is communicated to the PCM. One of the first indications of a busted EVP sensor is that the “Check Engine” light is turned on. If you have a decoding device, you may use it to confirm sensor failure. Another thing you can do is inspect the sensor yourself, looking for any sign of wear or damage on the component. The most important thing to remember is never to use a secondhand or run-of-the-mill valve position sensor as replacement for your old factory unit. Instead, use an OES Genuine EGR Valve Position Sensor as replacement to ensure the best results for your vehicle.

There are many valve position sensors in the market but they're simply not on the same level as the OES Genuine EGR Valve Position Sensor. This top-notch sensor is extremely reliable for it's made from highly durable materials that could last years. Expect the fit to be perfect because computerized technologies are used throughout its design and manufacturing process. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, this excellent sensor also complies with all industry standards and OE specifications. You can install the sensor yourself or you may hire a professional mechanic to set it up for you. If you're going to perform the installation yourself, be sure to read your vehicle's manual to be on the safe side.

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