OES Genuine EGR Vacuum Solenoid & Accessories

Have you heard of the OES Genuine EGR vacuum solenoid or the EGR vacuum solenoid in general? Well, if you haven't, you might want to know that this component is essential the owners of modern vehicles who want to keep their engine functioning well. But that's not only what a top-caliber EGR vacuum solenoid can do. And based on the meaning of EGR, you'll have a clue.

The purpose of the EGR vacuum solenoid or exhaust gas recirculation vacuum solenoid is to return some of the exhaust gases that the engine produces after burning fuel. Why is this good? Well, once the exhaust gases cools, it can actually be used to help regulate the temperature of the engine's cylinders. In order for the EGR vacuum solenoid to bring back the exhaust gases to the engine, the engine has to reach a certain level of RPM (2000 revolutions per minute) or temperature (above 2500 degrees Fahrenheit). When the car's motor reaches one of the said levels, the ECU commands the EGR vacuum solenoid to open its valves to draw in the exhaust gases using its vacuum to be used. And when exhaust gases are brought back to the engine, logically, your car's emissions are reduced. That's hitting two birds with one stone-reducing emissions and maintaining your engine's performance! A top-performing OES Genuine EGR vacuum solenoid should be able to do this efficiently for your car. But if the vacuum solenoid is not of the same caliber as the said product, well, you certainly will experience some car problems.

If you're car is idling roughly, or is often stalling, this might be a sign of a malfunctioning EGR vacuum solenoid. The vacuum solenoid might be stuck open or close because of carbon build-up. And if your car is starting to produce more exhaust fumes to the point that some even come out from under the hood, it's definitely high-time to get that wearing solenoid replaced. The good thing is, you can easily get a class-A OES Genuine EGR vacuum solenoid from a reputable source that offers it at a steal.

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