OES Genuine EGR Check Valve & Accessories

If you want to pass that planned emissions test, better install an OES Genuine EGR Check Valve right away. As you probably know, EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, a system designed to reduce noxious gases in your vehicle's exhaust system. The check valve in an EGR system controls air flow in one direction. Once it goes bad, you may have difficulty starting your ride and idling. It might also hesitate during acceleration and have other recurrent performance problems. To avoid any road mishaps and prevent further damage to your internal systems, replace the busted valve with a new one as soon as possible.

The EGR check valve is responsible for allowing controlled amounts of exhaust back into the vehicle's intake manifold. The exhaust then combines with intake air, significantly cooling down combustion. As a DIYer, you know how important cool air is to your engine. Due to cooler temperatures, the engine is able to function more properly. Aside from this, the valve also helps the system reduce NOX emissions, which are a typical cause of failed emissions tests. As time passes, the check valve could get worn out and frequently get stuck, resulting in the accumulation of NOX gases. Delay replacement and the toxic emissions in your vehicle might end up compromising your health. Fortunately, you can always replace your bad check valve with a new OES Genuine EGR Check Valve.

It's really hard to find a better replacement check valve out there because the OES Genuine EGR Check Valve is made of the best materials in the industry. Cutting-edge technologies are used throughout its fabrication process to ensure its reliability on the road. OE specs and standards are also strictly observed, so it will snugly fit your system. Once installed, this top-notch valve should work perfectly for years provided you set it up correctly. For the best results, read your vehicle's manual before setting up the new valve. A DIYer like you shouldn't have any trouble installing the valve though you can always hire the services of a pro mechanic if you want to be sure the valve is properly installed. Remember not to use a run-of-the-mill check valve for your EGR valve replacement since the poorly constructed valve may only cause you more troubles down the road.

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