OES Genuine Dump Resistor Module & Accessories

If your dump resistor isn't working well, replace it with a high-quality OES Genuine Dump Resistor Module. There are many possible reasons for electrical problems in your vehicle and one of them is a bad dump resistor module. This module is extremely important in the proper handling of a “load dump,” which happens when the vehicle's battery is suddenly disconnected from the alternator during charging. This typically causes a voltage spike that may burn your vehicle's electronic features. If your existing dump resistor module is clearly not fit for further use, replace it immediately with a new one to save yourself from spending on higher repair bills.

There's a big chance your automobile's dump resistor module is already malfunctioning if you've had it for years. Voltage spikes or fluctuations can cause a number of problems in your vehicle's electric equipment. For instance, the radio might produce a lot of static or the headlights could suddenly get too bright. To avoid problems like these, you should thoroughly check your car's electrical system on a regular basis. You may use a voltmeter, ammeter or multimeter to measure the effectiveness of different components. Don't delay replacement because your car's electric parts and devices could burn because of inconsistent voltage. For the best results, use a top-notch OES Genuine Dump Resistor Module as replacement for your old, malfunctioning module.

The electrical system of your vehicle is a very sensitive and balanced assembly, so never attempt to install shoddy replacement units, which could burn any time. Instead, choose new and reliable replacement components such as the OES Genuine Dump Resistor Module. This part is designed and manufactured using the most advanced digital technologies and the best materials. You don't have to worry about its effectiveness as industry standards and OE specifications are strictly observed throughout its manufacturing process. Installation should be doable provided that you have done plenty of DIY work before. Review your vehicle's manual regarding the electrical system of your ride just to be sure you're doing the installation the right way. Once installed, your car's electric features should work perfectly. If you're not sure how to install the module yourself, you can always hire the services of a professional mechanic.

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