OES Genuine Door Lock Actuator & Accessories

Nowadays, you can't leave anything to chance since there's a big possibility that your car may be raided or stolen with doors unlocked-so you'll never have to worry about that, use an OES Genuine door lock actuator to replace the busted unit. The door lock actuator lets you lock and unlock your car in a snap. When this mechanism breaks, the lock may get stuck-the door won't stay locked or you may have to force the lock to finally open the door. Suddenly, the convenience of not having to push or pull the knob on your own will be thrown out of the window. For your own peace of mind, don't waste any minute dealing with a faulty door lock actuator. The solution isn't rocket science at all. Just get yourself a trusty replacement and some handy DIY tips to save yourself a trip to the mechanic.

The door lock actuator consists of an electric motor, which turns several spur gears. Its centrifugal clutch is attached to the gear and engaged by the electric motor, moving the latch and preventing it from winding back the motor. The final gear is the one to drive the rack and pinion gear set that's linked to the actuator rod. The rack then converts the gears' rotational motion into linear motion, turning the lock. Whenever the actuator is pushed down or pulled, the rod either unlocks or locks the door through the latch. From time to time, the actuator should be lubed up for maintenance. Unfortunately, once clogged with damage-causing elements, the actuator may fail. Due to heavy use, the unit may seize up. That's when you need to find a direct-fit replacement to make the door lock system of your vehicle work. So you won't have to worry about quality and compatibility, get an OES Genuine door lock actuator to get something as good as the stock part or even better. Installation won't cause you too much trouble because this actuator has got everything right (from the exact dimensions to all hardware specs) to make a great fit.

Quite frankly, not all aftermarket brands can offer the same quality as OES Genuine. Mediocrity is obviously not in its vocabulary. OES Genuine products are built using high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. The brand follows all the right details needed to manufacture auto parts and accessories to exact OE specifications. These parts undergo stringent product testing before they're shipped out of the warehouse. That's why when you use an OES Genuine door lock actuator, door lock problems can be the least of your worries for a long while.

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