OES Genuine Door Jamb Switch & Accessories

If your courtesy lights are blinking intermittently or are showing signs of abnormality, coupled with the dash light in your auto not functioning well, these may be indications that you need a new OES Genuine door jamb switch in your vehicle. The courtesy lights in your vehicle turn on and off according to the position of the doors. When you open the doors, the courtesy lights turn on. When you close the doors, they turn off. Meanwhile, the light on your dashboard is designed to help you monitor when any of the doors is not closed properly. As long as the light is illuminated, that means that you have a door that is still open. Therefore, you will easily know when a door is still ajar before you drive away in your car.

All the mentioned functions above are made possible with the help of the door jamb switch, and the OES Genuine door jamb switch is one of the best out there. The switch is the component that controls the flow of current towards the courtesy lights and the light on your dashboard through a circuit that opens and closes. It is actuated by the opening and closing of the doors. This switch is very helpful because it helps ensure that you will get your needed lighting inside your car when you need it. And with its connection to a light on your dashboard, it helps keep you informed when you have a door still open. This way, you strengthen the safety of your car and you increase your peace of mind when you drive.

Like all switches, however, the door jamb switch is also vulnerable to problems in the electrical system of your vehicle. Shorting can happen anytime, and this can cause failure of the courtesy lights to illuminate. In some instances, the reverse happens-the lights remain on even when the door is already closed or even when the car engine is already turned off, wasting precious electricity and running the battery down. The lighting on the dash can also fail to light up, so you don't have any means of monitoring whether your car doors are already closed. These can cause too much hassles in your drive, so it is important that you immediately address any problem with the switch. If it's beyond repair, replace it immediately with a new OES Genuine door jamb switch. This is a high-quality switch that will bring your car lights back to life.

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