OES Genuine Door Check Pin & Accessories

When you're parking in tight spaces, you have to make sure that your car's doors will not get damaged when you open or close them; to do that, you need to use this OES Genuine Door Check Pin. This product is what you need to replace the damaged door check pin in the door check strap. As small as it is, the OES Genuine Door Check Pin prevents the doors of your car from opening too far. That way, the doors will not get ruined when you're parking in really tight spaces.

The OES Genuine Door Check Pin is made of stainless steel and because of that, it's both durable and resistant to rust at the same time. Since it doesn't get damaged easily, there's no way that you'll worry about replacement. When it comes to installing this door check pin from OES Genuine, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the product manual, use the right equipment, and you're good to go. With all the great features that this product has, there's no way that you'll never check it out if you're looking for a replacement door check pin.

The OES Genuine Door Check Pin was manufactured by OES Genuine in world-class manufacturing facilities and has been tested in all kinds of conditions to ensure durability and dependability for a long time. Since it's designed by the best engineers today, there's no doubt that you'll be getting a high-quality product. OES Genuine is one of the leading brands today when it comes to auto parts and accessories and with that said, the money that you spend for this brand is worth it. For years, OES Genuine has been head and shoulders better than the competition because of the company's commitment to research and development while employing the best possible talent as well.

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