OES Genuine Distributor Housing & Accessories

The OES Genuine distributor housing encases the distributor which is responsible for the proper transfer of electricity to the spark plugs. The housing protects the distributor, a part of a vehicle's ignition system, so that it won't get damaged. But if we are to talk about the distributor housing, we have to know first why the car needs the distributor and, in general, the ignition system.

You see, way back in the 1920's, people relied only on fuel to be able to power their car. Now, a car cannot run at all even if its tank is full if there's no electricity flowing in it. The electricity of the car comes from the car's battery. The moment you turn the ignition key on, the battery shoots the electricity towards the ignition coil. From there, the electricity is pumped up and sent to the distributor. The distributor then fires electricity in the correct order to the spark plugs, and this enables your engine to combust fuel. But if the distributor is not well-guarded against contaminants like water, oil, and dirt, it can't do its job well and your car might not be able to run at all. That's why it's important to avail of the OES Genuine distributor housing for your distributor. Gladly, you can get a hold of this distributor housing from an online auto parts store.

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