OES Genuine Distributor Gasket & Accessories

When a car won't start, the first item that most people check on would be their spark plugs. Most of the time, this turns out to be true, but there are other parts in a vehicle's ignition system that may be the cause of these problems. Once you begin to experience ignition problems, it's a good idea to also check your distributor as it is responsible for delivering electricity to your spark plugs. Even with perfectly functioning spark plugs, without any current flowing from your distributor, you won't be able to start your car. The distributor should be free from dirt and debris so that it can function properly that's why it has a gasket that makes sure that none of these gets it. When this item starts to wear out, you better replace it quick with a compatible OES Genuine Distributor Gasket.

Your car relies on its distributor to properly direct electricity from its coils to the engine's spark plugs and wires. Since it deals directly with electricity, it can be harmed by water and other debris that can interfere with the device's operation. Your distributor gasket acts as a mechanical seal between the distributor and other adjoining components to make sure that outside debris does not come in contact with the internal workings of the distributor. An aftermarket OES Genuine Distributor Gasket can be easily installed with the right tools in just a few minutes to keep the distributor functioning perfectly and extend its service life considerably.

It's easy to replace a worn out distributor gasket and it's far more practical for you to replace it on your own rather than hiring a mechanic to do it for you for a couple hundred dollars. First, since you're working on a component that uses electricity, always disconnect the cables from your car battery. Locate your distributor by following the wires leading away from your engine's spark plugs. You may also consult with your car manual to easily find your distributor. Once you find it, just unscrew the distributor cap, remove the distributor gasket, install your new OES Genuine Distributor Gasket, and just replace everything back in. While doing all of this, you might want to clean the areas inside and outside of the distributor with a rag to remove any excess dirt and grime that might have gotten in.

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