OES Genuine Distributor Cap & Accessories

Power up your automobile with the best equipment around; choose an OES Genuine distributor cap to guarantee full performance and durability. Together with the distributor, this cap works in the internal combustion engine in order to supply the needed energy for your spark plugs to ignite. Designed to provide full coverage, it acts as the distributor's protection against extreme temperature shifts in the system caused by the transmission of high voltage to the plugs. You need a highly reliable cap which does not easily bend, break, and crack under pressure. It should also be designed to fit and secure your vehicle's rotor and distributor while the automobile is running. An OES Genuine distributor cap can surely handle all these requirements and is the best unit for the job.

Though it may seem as a minor unit, having a damaged cap can yield harmful effects on your automobile. Some of the major problems it can cause include rough idling and hesitation during acceleration. It can also interrupt the vehicle's process during ignition by interfering with the flow of electricity, making the start-up longer than usual. If left unattended, this may lead to long-term issues such as less gas mileage and quick distributor wear; both conditions leading to an even bigger set of problems. It can damage the rotor and stop delivering electricity to the spark plugs altogether.

When you install an OES Genuine distributor cap, you can easily avoid any of these problems and maintain a steady performance from your automobile. You can avoid engine wobbling, wearing out the bushings, and damaging the engine permanently. Available in various shapes and sizes, this line of products provide caps which have been manufactured using the latest technologies and are compatible with most vehicle makes and models. It is important to look out for possible symptoms such as cracks, any form of rust or corrosion, or even bad connections to the main component. Some steps you could undertake are checking that the cap has no crack in and out and making sure the vent of the cap is not covered with debris. Cleaning the cap regularly is also a must especially if you like taking long drives and you regularly use the engine. Once you find any of these, replace the unit right away with an OES Genuine distributor cap.

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