OES Genuine Dimmer Switch & Accessories

Driving at night or through bad weather can be risky because of limited visibility. It's a good thing that modern car lights have improved over the years giving drivers increased illumination of the road ahead. Your car's headlights are controlled by a dimmer switch that is usually located on your vehicle's steering column. Few people may have experienced a broken headlight switch, but they do break or get damaged just like all mechanical items. Should there be a problem controlling your car's lights with your dimmer switch, you should replace it immediately as it can be risky to drive when you can't control your own lights. When replacing this component, you should get a compatible OES Genuine Dimmer Switch.

Your car's dimmer switch isn't just for your safety; you'll need to lower your headlight's intensity in situations that you don't need a powerful beam of light. You don't want to blind an incoming vehicle's driver with your high beam nor would you want to be on the receiving end of a blinding flash of light. This part isn't something that would break easily but when it does, you should get it replaced with an OES Genuine Dimmer Switch quickly. Installing this can be complicated for some cars since you need to access your steering column but with a little bit of patience and some basic tools, you'll be able to change one yourself.

It's important that when you're installing a new OES Genuine Dimmer Switch, you remove the negative cable from your car battery. Since the dimmer switch is an electrical device as well, you wouldn't want to get electrocuted when taking it out. Now, the tricky part will be how to remove your car's steering column. Consult your vehicle's manual and you'll be able to remove it easily. It's even simpler to uninstall your old switch as you simply need to unscrew it, remove the connected wire from its socket, and just plug in your new one. This is actually a very simple procedure that you should perform on your own since you'll be able to save a lot of money compared to paying a mechanic to take out a simple switch. You just need to make sure that the switch that you bought is a tough and reliable item, so always purchase such items from a store that you can trust, just like Parts Train.

Dimmer switches are simple devices that usually last a very long time. But when your switch is starting to wear out, you will need to replace that quick with an OES Genuine Dimmer Switch from Parts Train. We've got over a million items in stock for various car makes and models that you're sure to find all the items that you'll need for your vehicle. Ordering is easy, and should you have any questions, just give us a call through our hotline and our staff will be there to help you out. Order your OES Genuine Dimmer Switch from Parts Train today!