OES Genuine Differential Side Cover Seal & Accessories

Based on the name itself, the OES Genuine differential side cover seal is meant to do one thing-to prevent oil from leaking out of the differential from the side cover. And why do you think this is important? Well, it's because like your engine, the differential needs oil in order to properly transfer the torque coming from the transmission system to move the wheels forward or back. But if you think that all types of cars have differentials, well, you are wrong. This is why it's important to know first what type of car you have before trying to find a differential or any auto part.

There are actually two basic types of cars-the rear-wheel driven and the front wheel driven. How to tell the difference? Well, it's actually simple. A rear-wheel driven car relies on the rear wheels to move while a front wheel car counts on the front wheels. But if you want to delve into the details, well, a rear wheeler has a transmission, a driveshaft, a differential, and axle while a front wheeler has the transaxle-a combination of the transmission and axle-that works together with the constant velocity joint. So if your car is rear-wheel driven car, you know that you can equip it with an OES Genuine differential side cover seal to protect its differential.

Without a differential side cover seal, your differential and the parts adjacent to it will wear out prematurely. This is because when if oil happens to leak out of the side cover, the differential's gears will grind on the axle's and the driveshaft's. Eventually, you'll hear irritating sounds from under your car, and this can cause quite a nuisance. Not only that, if you ignore this problem, you are in for some serious trouble on the road. That's why if you have a problem with your car's differential, call a mechanic right away. If he tells you to get a replacement OES Genuine differential seal cover seal, just look for Parts Train online.

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