OES Genuine Cylinder Head Bolt & Accessories

Loose bolts may create a massive problem for your engine and the cylinder block, and it can be quite challenging to fix this defect, but a high quality OES Genuine cylinder head bolt will certainly do the trick for you. Do you sometimes have moments when you're called as a person with ‘loose bolts in the head'? People say it mainly because they think you're going crazy and your brain succumbed to damage, and this joke can be pretty funny sometimes, but not when it comes to your car. A loose cylinder head bolt can lead to the death of your engine if the problem is not addressed immediately because this part basically clamps your cylinder head to the entire block. Together with the cylinder head gasket, this component is one of the major non-negotiable parts installed within the engine. Take it out and your vehicle will die within seconds. Fitting a low quality cylinder head bolt upon the combustion block is like pointing a gun at your head and pulling the trigger. That's exactly how critical this part is to the overall function of your vehicle.

At full throttle, the cylinders and the engine block are subjected to painstaking amounts of pressure and force. Without an extremely strong head gasket and bolt, the combustion performance will go down the drain and the force exerted within the cylinder assembly may ricochet off the engine bay. This might severely affect the operation of the other components inside your vehicle, not to mention render the whole machine inoperable as well. With an OES Genuine cylinder head bolt though, such occurrences may be prevented since it has the capacity to exert maximum capacity force even at wide-open throttle. It can be quite difficult to endure colossal loads at peak combustion pressure, but the OES Genuine cylinder head bolt is built with the ability to withstand such tremendous processes. A standard head bolt can usually handle loads approximately beyond five tons, so just imagine the strenuous task these metal pieces have to face each time you use your car.

With a force that can reach up to 40,000 pounds at maximum throttle, your vehicle relies heavily upon these critical set of fasteners to seal the engine block and the cylinder head together. The OES Genuine cylinder head bolt handles this job pretty well, although you have to make sure to give each bolt the proper care and maintenance, like frequent lubrication to avoid overloading. Also consider the rated yield point of the OES Genuine cylinder head bolt you're planning to purchase for your vehicle. The yield point determines the force capacity of the bolts. It is important for you to take note of this to avoid stretching the bolts beyond its capacity.

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