OES Genuine Crankshaft Seal & Accessories

If you want your ride to handle like a dream and have more responsive steering, there shouldn't be room for a broken crank seal-stop the leaks using a tight-fitting OES Genuine crankshaft seal. It may look like just a tiny crack to you, but this can create enough trouble around the engine block. And before you know it, transmission failure may occur. Other parts of the crankshaft may also get ruined. So the pistons will keep on pumping and the wheels will continue spinning to your preferred speed, don't let leaks ruin the crankshaft and everything else in the engine block.

Connected to the pistons and the flywheel, the crankshaft's job is to transmit the force generated by the engine through the drivetrain and transmission. Behind the swift and smooth motions of the crankshaft is the lubricant packed by the crankshaft seal. The lubricant not only minimizes friction but also flushes out damage-causing elements, protecting the crankshaft. Two types of crankshaft seals are used: the front and rear crankshaft seals. The rear crankshaft seal is more difficult to replace since it's located somewhere in the transmission, which means you'll have to take out the clutch, transmission, or flywheel assembly to install this. Exposed to the intense pressure under the hood, the seal may wear out after a certain mileage-you know it's due for replacement when you find oil leaks somewhere in the engine block and transmission or the front crank pulley. For miles of seamless transmission and outstanding vehicle performance, use an OES Genuine crankshaft seal that's made of heavy-duty materials to fare well against heat and survive the harsh environment under the hood.

OES Genuine is a well-known aftermarket brand that has set its own bar of manufacturing quality, employing state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering techniques. All parts that roll out of its assembly line undergo rigorous product testing, making sure that they meet or even surpass OE standards. No wonder, it has managed to stay ahead of the curve as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality auto parts and accessories. With an OES Genuine crankshaft seal, compatibility will be the least of your worries since it's built for a specific vehicle. Durability is also a guarantee when you install an OES Genuine crankshaft seal to fix the leaks and keep the crankshaft safe from the elements.

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