OES Genuine Crankshaft Gear & Accessories

Avoid damage on your engine components by regular inspection and maintenance; choose an OES Genuine crankshaft gear. It is the best product choice because it comes with a reliable warranty, guaranteeing that the item has been manufactured under high standards of quality. By using a gear, one can change the speed, direction, or even the torque of a power source. A crankshaft gear can easily be recognized; it is a round object with teeth around the edges usually attached to a shank and paired with another unit by rotating hinges. Designed to help transform linear motion into rotation, this unit is central to ensuring proper function of the timing belt. The crankshaft gear must be aligned properly to the belt, or else, the vehicle would experience difficulty in starting.

Ignoring a bad crankshaft gear can cause massive engine problems and expensive repairs. Choosing a high-quality replacement, such as this OES Genuine crankshaft gear, is needed to be able to prevent this from happening. Make sure you check your gears frequently for signs of corrosion or any worn set of teeth. This is necessary to ensure it is still capable of rotating and fulfilling its task. Some signs of a bad gear include irritating noises and vibrations from the engine, frequent misfires, and difficulty in both acceleration and ignition. If you notice any of these symptoms on your auto, it is likely an indication of the pressing need to have this unit replaced.

Replacing an old component with this OES Genuine crankshaft gear is not an easy task; however, it can be a good practice for starting DIYers. Before attempting to do this, it is important to prepare the necessary tools for the job. Some of these tools include a hammer, an open-end wrench, a screwdriver, a Tommy bar, a set of sockets, and a ratchet. The Tommy bar and the hammer will be used to bend the washers. The screwdriver, on the other hand, will be lodged between the teeth and the case. This keeps the flywheel from turning as the gear is being pulled. And finally, the sockets, extension, and ratchet would prove useful during the removal process. Exercising caution while using these tools is crucial; there is no room for carelessness if you don't want to cause damage on other engine components.

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