OES Genuine Cooling Hose & Accessories

You don't have to be an expert DIYer or professional mechanic to know the importance of your car's OES Genuine cooling hose. It might be playing a small role in the proper function of your car's engine, but without it, your engine will definitely heat up uncontrollably. This is because the cooling hose is a part of the cooling system of your car. Remove the cooling hose and the radiator won't be able to send the coolant needed to cool down your car's engine.

You see, what allows the engine to continuously burn fuel without overheating is the cooling system. The cooling system, mainly composed of the radiator, the water pump, and the thermostat, use coolant in order to get rid of the heat that the engine produces. Another part of the cooling system definitely worth mentioning is the cooling hose. A cooling hose, a good example is your car's OES Genuine cooling hose, act as a passageway for your cooling system's coolant. There are two coolant hoses that work for your car's cooling system. One cooling hose allows coolant coming from the water pump to go to the radiator so that it can be cooled down. Another cooling hose sends the now-cool coolant towards the thermostat (where the coolant waits for a while until the ECU commands the thermostat to open up) then to the water pump where it can dissipate the heat coming from the engine cylinder heads. It's a cycle that only stops the moment you turn your car's engine off.

If you have a wearing or loose OES Genuine cooling hose, the coolant will drip out of the cooling system and the engine's temperature will shoot up. In some cases, modern cars will slow down to a stop once the ECU detects that the engine is not receiving its coolant. But for old models, the engine suffers a lot without a system to warn the driver. To free you from expensive engine repairs or replacement, better turn those wearing cooling hoses in for brand new ones that we have at Parts Train.

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