OES Genuine Coolant Level Sensor & Accessories

An overheated engine is quite dangerous, and you wouldn't want to be caught dead in this kind of situation, so to be on the safe side, monitor your coolant level regularly with an accurate OES Genuine coolant level sensor. Maintaining the right level of engine oil is important for the motor parts to run, but the engine coolant is equally important because this fluid disperses heat within the vehicle and cuts down the level of temperature among your engine parts. An OES Genuine coolant level sensor effectively warns you though when the coolant level is running low, so this equipment is quite handy especially since the engine block always produces heat as it goes about its regular operation.

Have you ever experienced driving your vehicle without realizing the coolant level's already running on empty? It's a scary scenario to be in, especially once the indicator on your dashboard starts flashing, signaling a drained coolant reservoir. And if you don't have an OES Genuine coolant level sensor under your hood, then you might as well say goodbye to your engine. When the coolant level strikes zero, your engine will start to stutter, like it's an old man that's having a hard time coughing. Naturally, you would have to stop your vehicle-unless you want the whole engine block to explode. Well, it won't actually cause a massive explosion in the literal sense, but the metal parts inside will heat up to a certain level that's beyond endurance, so once you open your car's hood, heavy billows of smoke will stream out of the engine bay continuously. As your engine blows off the accumulated heat, the clouds of smoke will become denser and denser until it turns into a solid mass of cloudy haze, much like the kind of smoke from a burning house. Now, we don't mean to scare you but that's exactly what happens when the engine overheats. Not a pretty picture, isn't it?

But there's a preventive measure to a circumstance like that. Installing an OES Genuine coolant level sensor would be your first level of protection against unwanted engine overheating situations. It is extremely dangerous and risky to continuously run an engine with a low coolant level. Your vehicle is a big metal machine so it won't be able to operate on an excessively high level of temperature. Chances are the metal parts will melt simultaneously, rendering the machine inoperable. However, if you have an OES Genuine coolant level sensor connected to the engine computer, then this device will consistently monitor and gauge the amount of coolant in the reservoir, alerting you when the volume drops below the required level so you could stop for a while and add more fluid into the engine block.

When your coolant level sensor starts sending inaccurate information, take it out of the system immediately before it brings more harm to the engine. Purchase an affordable replacement here at Parts Train. Our selection provides high quality and budget-friendly auto parts and accessories, so be sure to check our website regularly to score the best deals in town.