OES Genuine Clutch Kit & Accessories

You need the OES Genuine clutch kit to efficiently use the generated power of your engine once your own pressure plate and clutch disc wear. These parts engage and disengage your transmission to the engine via the flywheel in response to the pressure you apply on the clutch pedal. When engaged, the flywheel and your wheels spin at the same time. At red light, or when the need to stop for something arises, disengaging the transmission from the engine allows you to stop the wheels without turning the engine off. Doing this eliminates starting and warming the engine again to achieve its top working condition.

The heavy-duty construction of the OES Genuine clutch kit is perfect for these heavy duty functions when the original parts start to become less and less effective over time. This is attributed to the thinning of the friction materials on the surfaces of the clutch disc. How fast they fade basically depends on your driving conditions. Slips whenever you apply the clutch mean that they are worn and require replacement. But if you want to be preventive, just follow the recommended service life of your clutch disc and pressure plate. Replacing them before they start showing symptoms of irregularities will help you maintain your automobile's clutching performance at its top condition all the time. And for this purpose, you have the right choice with the OES Genuine clutch kit.

This product comes as a complete restoration kit of the replaceable plates of your clutch, including the clutch disc linings and the pressure plate spring. Installation is tricky and will require a number of special tools as you are to disconnect the entire clutch assembly from both your engine and transmission systems. Still, you can choose to DIY using the install guide from the manufacturer and the manual of your automobile. Once you have isolated the plate and the disc from the thrust bearing where your clutch lever and fulcrum are mounted, inspect and wipe the drive shaft clean before you install the new OES Genuine clutch kit into it. The clutch disc should be mounted first, followed by the pressure plate with its spring facing the thrust bearing-clutch lever assembly. Installed correctly, these set up will allow the pressure plate to react to the thrust bearing and push the disc to engage with the flywheel every time pressure is applied on the pedal.

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