OES Genuine Clutch Hose & Accessories

Every hydraulic clutch system needs this OES Genuine clutch hose in order to ensure that the brake fluid is delivered and transported properly among the components involved. Responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine from transmission, the clutch is highly reliant on its fluid to be able to activate the mechanism and produce the power needed to control the transmission. This fluid, in order to reach the proper components, has to travel from the reservoir and through the clutch hose. Once this link is broken, the fluid may easily seep out and may not reach the main systems. As a result, one would not be able to engage the chambers with the right amount of hydraulic pressure and the system would not function accordingly. That is why it is important to check your hoses regularly and to replace a damaged one with this OES Genuine clutch hose.

Ditching an old hose and upgrading to this one does not only guarantee full performance, but also durability. The average lifespan of clutch hoses is usually 5 years; it is shorter than most auto components since it is regularly exposed to heat, pressure, and harsh clutch fluid. Most hoses from other manufacturers do not reach this maximum number of years, except this specific hose from OES Genuine. Thanks to its tough design and precise engineering, it has the capacity to withstand greater levels of stress without giving up easily. No matter how hard you slam your clutch pedal, you will get the functionality and performance you need from this OES Genuine clutch hose.

In order to ensure your clutch hose works well, you have to check it regularly for signs of wear and lubricate it to ensure complete function. Other signs you need to look out for include air within the clutch hydraulic lines and dirty fluid which has absorbed water. Once you notice any of this, it is imperative that you bleed the clutch line immediately. What you have to do is to loosen the bleeder nut, turn on the ignition, and have someone press the clutch pedal down. While he is doing this, you have to check if there is fluid coming out. If there is no fluid, loosen the nut a little more; but if fluid still fails to appear, close the nut and have the guy on stepping on the pedal release it. Continue this process until fluid comes out; once it does, repeat the steps until no dirty fluid is released and no air bubbles come out.

Once you notice that there is a leak from the hose, you've got to remove the line and replace it with a better unit, like this OES Genuine clutch hose. This component is available here are Parts Train, and is offered at a really affordable price. Like all the other product offerings in our inventory, this item comes with a reliable 12-month or 12,000 mile warranty to protect our consumers against purchasing faulty replacements. Call us today to get awesome deals on your needed components; you surely wouldn't want to miss out on this one. Whether it is this OES Genuine clutch hose, or any other unit, we can easily get it for you.