OES Genuine Clutch Disc & Accessories

When your vehicle does some crazy stunts like lurching or slipping after shifting gears, you might want to take a closer look at your clutch-if the disc looks worn out, you'll have to make the necessary switch to a sturdy OES Genuine clutch disc. The clutch disc is a steel plate that works like the brake pad. It's also coated with a high-friction material since it's squeezed in-between the pressure plate and flywheel once the clutch is engaged. The disc hub then transfers engine power to the transmission's input shaft, running the wheels. Once the clutch is disengaged, power transfer also stops-the engine still turns but with no force to drive the wheels.

There are three things you're bound to lose if you put up with a busted clutch disc: (1) seamless transmission, (2) smooth and easy gear shifting, and (3) dependable torque transfer. For all you know, your clutch disc may already be slipping against the flywheel, making transmission a bit twitchy. That's usually your cue for checking the failing disc and having the clutch totally fixed. For vehicles that take a spin on race tracks, a specially designed disc for faster shifting must be used. Upgrades are also available to ensure better acceleration and deceleration. If you want to gain full control over your vehicle's speed and be able to switch to high or low gear without trouble, be ready to slap on a heavy-duty replacement like an OES Genuine clutch disc. An OES Genuine clutch disc ensures a better grip, thanks to its high-quality friction material that can handle high levels of heat.

For parts that are bound to last and work as promised, OES Genuine is the name to trust. Using high-tech manufacturing facilities and ingenious engineering methods, it has established itself as a brand of choice for many meticulous car owners and auto specialists. The parts are designed and built to exact OE specifications to guarantee great fit, total reliability, and optimum performance. An OES Genuine clutch disc is made with the same dedication to premium quality. For years to come, you're sure to enjoy your vehicle's enhanced drivability and won't have to worry about purchasing another replacement too soon.

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