OES Genuine Center Cap & Accessories

Give your ride some personality and style using an OES Genuine center cap. Having a car brand or logo displayed on the center of your wheels can add to your ride's sporty vibe or plush look. A center cap, along with other nifty accessories, can turn your car's visual appeal from flat to fab. Putting aside aesthetics for a while, the cap is used not only to spruce up your ride but to also add a protective layer to the hub and keep away dirt from the bearings, nuts, and other parts of the wheel assembly. It also makes a perfect cover for the lug nuts and other hardware bits that are protruding at the center of the wheel. It draws attention to your sleek rims and kick-ass mag wheels, giving your ride a good impression of high-speed performance on the road.

This decorative disk can be fitted into the wheel in a snap. However, a little more effort is needed when removing the old cap. Ease of removing the cap depends on the type used such as flat faced with a notch cap, standard pop in center cap, bolt-on type, chrome spoke style, push thru center cap, and knockoff style. The center cap also varies in size-some cover a large area, while others measure just a few inches in diameter. With the right tools and handy DIY instructions, cap removal and installation are things an average Joe can handle on his own. Of course, you've got to find the perfect accessory that fits well. Look for a specially designed OES Genuine center cap for your ride that bears your car's logo or its trademark design that can be easily recognized anywhere, giving your ride that custom look and feel.

It makes a world of difference if you choose an OES Genuine center cap out of all the aftermarket options out there. Unlike other caps, the shiny, brand-new look of this OES Genuine accessory doesn't easily fade. The printed logo won't easily be erased even when constantly exposed to dirt, mud splash, debris, and other road elements. Best of all, it's quite easy to install, as it has all the right specifications. Good thing, OES Genuine offers an industry-leading product warranty to support its claims for premium quality.

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