OES Genuine Catalytic Converter & Accessories

With air pollution becoming worse than ever, it's only right that you equip your car with an OES Genuine catalytic converter. This high-caliber replacement component is sure to keep your car's emissions toxic-free, making your ride more environment-friendly. By using a quality catcon, you're actually turning your car into a part of the solution and not the problem.

An ingenious invention of Eugene Houdry, the catalytic converter is a device that converts toxic gases into harmless emissions. It uses precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium as the catalyst. Manganese, iron, nickel, and cerium are also used as catalysts, but these metals may pose certain risks. As the engine releases harmful substances into the exhaust system, the catcon, which is basically an expanded tube, absorbs the gases and lets them pass through its main core. This core or substrate is coated with special compounds that react with toxic gases. At the end of the process, these harmful substances are converted into less toxic emissions such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen. If you take a closer look at a replacement OES Genuine catalytic converter, you'll see that it resembles an expanded pipe with a honeycomb-like structure inside.

However, this nifty component, just like other car parts, can also fail. A common cause of catcon failure is a busted O2 sensor. If this sensor isn't able to do its job properly, which is to regulate the flow of air and fuel into the engine, it can result into a rich or lean air/fuel mixture. A rich mix can deprive the catcon of elements it needs to clean the exhaust, while a lean ratio can heat up the converter to dangerous levels. Other possible culprits are oil or coolant leaks as these substances can clog the converter. External damage caused by road debris or a collision can also render the converter useless and in dire need of a replacement. Signs that you need an OES Genuine catalytic converter include a discolored outer shell and dents or cracks on the pipe's surface.

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