OES Genuine Carbon Cannister & Accessories

You can employ several means to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and emissions, and one of the most effective is the addition of a new OES Genuine carbon cannister. This device is designed to contain fuel vapors, substances that are dangerous when released to the environment in their raw form. These vapors are made up of extremely toxic substances that can cause pollution as well as health hazards. Your vehicle is equipped with several devices designed to contain toxic substances like the said vapor, and the addition of a carbon canister is one helpful step towards strengthening the efficiency of emissions control in your ride.

The OES Genuine carbon cannister is just a simple container that you will find mounted near the fuel tank, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. This device only works when the engine is turned off. During such instance, the fuel stored in the fuel tank evaporates and turns into fuel vapors. Without any device to regulate these vapors, they will be directly emitted into the environment, causing chaos and damage. Additionally, the vapors will be put to waste-they're money wasted because you won't be able to use them to power the engine. The addition of an OES Genuine carbon cannister prevents both pollution and fuel wastage. The canister traps all the fuel vapors with the help of the carbon filter that you will find inside it. Once you crank your car and run it, the trapped vapors are then sent to the engine for combustion-which means you save the environment while you conserve your fuel.

The OES Genuine carbon cannister is designed to work well for a long time. However, you must note that the carbon filter inside has to be replaced at the correct interval-check your manual for the suggested interval for your ride. Like all filters, the carbon component of the canister loses its filtering ability over time, thus the need for a replacement. In certain instances when the canister becomes damaged, you will need to replace the entire unit. Damage on the canister is easy to detect because the check engine light often illuminates when a problem is detected. And, replacing the part on your own is also easy. The process involves a direct install-uninstall method, and it doesn't take long. All you need to be careful about when doing the mounting is the hose connection. Be sure that the vacuum lines are properly installed to avoid problems.

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