OES Genuine Camshaft Seal & Accessories

Why do you need the OES Genuine camshaft seal? Well, if you want your car's engine to be well-guarded against dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants, you probably would like to look for a hard-wearing camshaft seal, and this one coming from OES Genuine is your man. Remember that the camshaft is responsible for opening and closing the valves of your engine so if the said contaminants are able to get in and damage the camshaft and other internal combustion parts, expect the performance of your engine to dip. But don't worry about your engine because you can easily get a hold of a camshaft seal made by OES Genuine from reputable automotive parts manufacturers online.

You see, the engine is not just one solid chunk of metal. It is made up of a lot of vital parts that work hand-in-hand in order to burn the fuel needed to move the wheels of your car. One of the important parts of the engine that has to be maintained at tip-top shape is the camshaft. What does it do? It opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves of the engine at precise timings. And for the camshaft to be able to do that, the camshaft position sensor should be able to monitor the opening and closing of the valves and send information to the ECU to adjust the camshaft's rotation timing. Also, a part of the camshaft that allows it to function well is the camshaft seal. Made from steel, aluminum or fiber plastic, the camshaft seal's job is to prevent the contaminants from invading the insides of the camshaft and of course the engine. A good example of a hardwearing camshaft seal is the OES Genuine camshaft seal.

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