OES Genuine Camshaft Position Sensor & Accessories

The cam position sensor affects way too many functions in your vehicle, so you can't leave it busted - search for a new OES Genuine camshaft position sensor and replace your damaged sensor with this one. The sensor is designed for a simple purpose, which is to monitor the position of the camshaft. The cam is responsible for controlling the opening and closing of the valves, operations that should take place smoothly and in time with many other functions in your vehicle. The position of the camshaft can tell the engine computer about many other things, and this information is crucial in the management of the other devices and their functions in the vehicle.

Once the OES Genuine camshaft position sensor is mounted, it will tell the computer when the valves are opening and closing. The said data is gathered and combined together with the information supplied by the crank position sensor. All the data gathered are crucial in managing the operation of the fuel injection system and the ignition assembly. Once the computer receives data from the sensor, it is able to determine the best time to fire the fuel injectors to get the best results in terms of horsepower output. In the same manner, the computer also uses such data to regulate the firing of the spark plugs, ensuring that it happens at the correct timing. Such a simple function provided by the OES Genuine camshaft position sensor, but the overall performance of your ride greatly depends on such function.

Any form of damage on the cam position sensor can have a negative effect on your overall ride quality and performance. Given this, you must always be on the lookout for possible sensor damage so that you can immediately address it even before more serious problems arise. Other than poor performance, your fuel economy may also suffer if the sensor is busted. In other instances, your vehicle may also fail to start. You may hear abnormal noises coming from the sensor area, and you have to check this to see whether the problem has to do with the sensor bushing, bearing, or any other parts already starting to fail. A visual inspection can also help you check the condition of the said part. When you see it damaged, replace it at once with an OES Genuine camshaft position sensor to avert more serious trouble.

A cam position sensor replacement is a task that requires a little bit of advanced knowledge when it comes to automotive work. You have to at least know such processes as setting the engine cylinder to top dead center to be able to perform such task. The right tools are also needed, as well as the practice of extreme caution and care. If you have previous experience performing such work, go ahead and deal with it. Meanwhile, if you are not sure about your abilities, it would be best to leave this task to a mechanic. And for your needed OES Genuine camshaft position sensor, you can leave that to us here at Parts Train.