OES Genuine Camshaft Gear & Accessories

Did you know that the durable OES Genuine camshaft gear will allow you to tweak the timing of your camshaft to gain more power from your engine? This is an after-sales replacement part that will restore the adjustability of your cam gears, thereby allowing you to retard and advance or overlap shaft timing. The main purpose of this fine-tuning is to optimize the engine's operation and enhance the drivability of the vehicle. Different automobiles have unique production tolerances as well. A good adjustable camshaft gear on a single overhead cam (SOHC) engine may vary in design, material, anodizing, and other engineering specifications than one used in other models of engine. This is why OES Genuine manufactures direct fit cam gears for virtually every engine construction. Rest assured, your current OES Genuine camshaft gear need has a solution.

A camshaft gear is located in your valvetrain, hence the need to be meticulous in choosing the perfect match of your engine. Also, you will be dealing with the heart of your powerhouse which is the camshaft. This, in turn, is one of the main parts of your engine system. This shaft is what opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves relative to the position of the engine. These functions allow charging the combustion chamber with appropriate fuel-air mixture and discharge the aftermath of the firing in the cylinder, respectively. To ensure that these operations are done most efficiently, you have to adjust the shaft's timing. This is basically when you need the reliable OES Genuine camshaft gear in place of your old, original component.

In fact, you will always need to advance the timing of the cam whenever you service or replace the camshaft. Installing upgrade parts and milling the shaft heads will also require you to alter the cam timing. Advancing its timing as much as its knock sensor allows is good but most enthusiasts prefer overlap timing. This means that the intake and exhaust are simultaneously open since at this time, the most efficient air-fuel charge is being produced in and out of the engine. It is recommended that the gear is also replaced to gain best result from this timing alteration task. And when it boils down to heavy-duty tasks such as this, the OES Genuine camshaft gear is the right choice.

Manufactured by the leading brand of automobile spare parts, accessories, devices, and even aftermarket resources, this camshaft gear will surely complement the configuration set-up of your engine. And you don't have to search further or spend more than what you need to as this part is available right here at Parts Train. Our site offers a long line of cam gear choices from OES Genuine so whatever model you have, your problem is covered. Why endure a worn cam gear or an average performing automobile when you can get replacements this easy here? Post your order for the perfect OES Genuine camshaft gear for your automobile now and see the bottom end performance difference it can make i!