OES Genuine Cam Plug & Accessories

If you're having a leak somewhere in your cam plug area, there's a huge chance that you already need to replace your stock plug-be sure you get nothing less than an OES Genuine cam plug. This component may just be but a plug, but the seal that it provides is crucial to keeping the oil intact in the cam. An oil leak is just one of the many types of leaks that can develop in your vehicle, and it is a problem because of several reasons. The first of these is the fact that oil is used to lube working metal parts, and its absence could mean excessive friction and eventual damage of the parts involved. Therefore, it's never a good idea to ignore a leak.

The OES Genuine cam plug is a plug designed to provide a seal to the cam. It usually works hand in hand with the cam cover, and you will find it incorporated with an o-ring. The cam plug is a usual weak point in the system as it is common for this to leak out after a while. However, whenever you notice a leak coming from the plug area, you might want to inspect the plug first before assuming that the leak is caused by plug damage. There are instances when the plug is simply improperly tightened, or not properly seated in place, thus the leak. If, however, you find it already damaged, then getting a new OES Genuine cam plug to replace it is the best option.

The replacement of the cam plug is an easy process, something that you can do by yourself if you have any mechanical inclination. Depending on the location of the plug that you're replacing (whether on the driver or passenger side), the process may involve a simple pop off-pop in process with the removal of the valve cover, or you may have to maneuver through other engine parts to gain access to the said part. When you check online, you'll find detailed mounting procedures that you can refer on. Also, be sure that you properly clean the surface after removing the old plug to ensure that there is no leftover material that could make the new sealing uneven, and could cause leaks. Once the OES Genuine cam plug is installed, all you have to do is to monitor it regularly. Pay attention to signs of leaks such as the smell of burnt oil, and address problems like this at once.

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