OES Genuine Cam Follower & Accessories

When one of the cam followers in your engine gets damaged, have it replaced with no less than OES Genuine cam follower. That way, you can avoid misfire and other serious problems that cost a lot to repair. This engine component comes with a cylindrical shape and connects one end of the valve stem to the camshaft. The cam follower is pushed against the camshaft's lobe and the moment it turns, the follower moves up and down. As the lobe moves the follower upward, the valve opens. The number of followers in your ride depends on the type of engine installed in it. But the general rule is to have one cam follower for each cylinder.

Since there are various forms of cam follower systems, you'll also find a lot of OES Genuine cam follower choices out there. Cam followers differ in head designs and in the way they are attached to the camshaft. Pointed-head followers hold and replicate the cam's motion more precisely. However, they wear out more speedily and will therefore require frequent replacement. Units that come with broader heads tend to be more durable but they aren't as accurate as those that have pointed heads. To achieve seamless movement, some cam followers come with a roller in the head.

No matter what type is employed in your ride, there sure is an OES Genuine cam follower for you. But aside from head design, you should also consider how they are linked to the cam to ensure that it will work well. There are vehicles that make use of stud-style followers, which contain built-in rod. This type is easy to install, but the amount of load it can support depends on the strength of the rod. Yolk-style followers, on the other hand, come with a hole in the middle, where you can insert a higher strength pin. The downside of this type is, it isn't as convenient to mount. Well if you choose an OES Genuine cam follower as replacement for your stock, installation won't be much of a problem for you. Auto parts from this brand are original equipment supplied so they exactly match the specifications of your stock. This means, you won't have troubles in getting them installed. Also, OES Genuine cam followers are made from high-strength materials so they will last long in service.

Even with the vehicle manufacturers' claim that all the components of your ride are reliable and high-quality, it is still important that you provide them with the kind of maintenance they need. Regular monitoring is also important especially for those components positioned under the hood. You see, even a minor complication in the engine system can lead to serious damage. When in need of a replacement OES Genuine cam follower, Parts Train is the place to shop. Here, you'll find over 1M automotive products in stock, all offered at incredibly low prices. Reasonable shipping rates are also assured, so you can now start restoring your ride without spending a fortune. Excellent customer service also awaits you here to make your online shopping convenient anytime of the day.