OES Genuine CV Joint Kit & Accessories

While others go the distance, some CV joints break before the purported end of their service life?damaged CV joints require immediate replacements, a good one at that like an OES Genuine CV joint kit. CV joints make sure that your wheels will roll smoothly, as they transfer the spinning shaft's force directly to the wheels and even adjust the up-and-down motion from suspension. Boots cover these joints to keep the elements from ruining the joints and making sure that grease that make them move with less friction and almost effortlessly are sealed. CV joints are expected to last up to 150,000 miles under normal operating conditions. However, not all are able to go this far, requiring complete replacements and not just new boots or grease.

Trouble starts with broken CV boots. Extreme temperatures, road debris, and harsh road environment can make the boots split or loosen. When the joints lose their protective cover, grease will leak. Without proper lubrication, there will be abrasive metal-to-metal contact that leads to further damage. Nothing will also stop dirt, moisture, and other unwanted elements from ruining the joints. Aside from grease spattered around the CV boots, you know the joints are in trouble when you hear all sorts of strange sounds when driving your vehicle, ranging from knocks to growls. If you hear that popping noise when cornering, that tells you that you have worn-out outer CV joints. That clunking sound when accelerating or shifting gears might mean that you have failing inner joints. Aside from weird noises, also watch out for vibrations. Take time to check your vehicle's CV joints. Fix the busted joints right away using an OES Genuine CV joint kit, so you won't have trouble with steering, transmission, and suspension.

An OES Genuine CV joint kit comes with all the necessary hardware for direct installation. It doesn't only offer the complete package for easy replacement but also has heavy-duty components to last longer. The CV joint kit is specially built to suit the requirements of a specific type vehicle. OES Genuine assures you of its premium quality, as it's backed by a standard product warranty . If you're after good vehicle performance, not to mention your own driving safety, an OES Genuine CV joint kit is exactly what you need.

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