OES Genuine CV Boot Kit & Accessories

The vehicle's drive shafts have an inner and outer CV joint that needs to be protected using an OES Genuine CV boot kit. This joint serves as a bearing that transmits engine torque at a constant speed to the wheels and at the same time permits the suspension's up and down movements. Since it needs to be lubricated all the time, this joint is outfitted with a rubber CV boot that contains special grease and is sealed permanently. Aside from lubing the joints, this boot also keeps them clean to prevent premature wear so it needs to be fitted correctly, without any tear or rip. Even a small split in the rubber boot can allow moisture and dirt inside, thus jeopardizing the joint.

The CV joint is among those vehicle components that need no maintenance at all. It will also serve you for a long time as long as the CV boot is in tiptop condition. You can achieve that if your joint is outfitted with boots coming from the OES Genuine CV boot kit. Since this kit is original equipment supplied (OES), you can be sure that the boots included in it are made to the original specifications and are ISO certified so you don't have to worry about quality and durability. Another advantage of using this OES Genuine product is, you can be sure that it will fit in your ride perfectly; meaning, you won't find it so hard to install in your ride.

While it's true that replacing your stock CV boots is not an enjoyable task, it won't be as bad and as tiresome as you may think if you have an OES Genuine CV boot kit on hand. Such kit usually includes direct-fit boots, clamps, and mounting hardware so you've got almost everything you need to have it properly installed in your ride. Some kits include grease while some do not. But how will you know if it's time to get a CV boot kit for your ride? One of the early signs is splatter of dark grease on the inner portion of your rims and on the drive wheel where the joint is positioned. It is good if you detect a damaged CV boot at an early stage because all you'll need to do is replace the boot and repack your joint with new grease. And all the things you'll need for that are included in the OES Genuine CV boot kit.

If you keep on driving your ride with a broken CV boot, it will sure lead to CV joint damage, which will eventually harm the whole drive shaft, thus bringing about serious problems that are costlier to repair. It's a good thing that Parts Train offers all the automotive solutions you need for your ride and you can get them 24/7 at prices you can afford. Excellent customer service also awaits you here. So order your needed OES Genuine CV boot kit now and start restoring your vehicle's performance without spending big time.